YOU WERE MADE TO THRIVE!  THRIVE means to to grow or develop successfully : to flourish or succeed.  And that’s what God intends for you to do.

Have you ever had a BIG dream in your heart that you patiently waited to come to pass?  I have.  A few years ago, God placed a dream in my heart that I wanted to host a women’s wellness conference.  I didn’t know all the details of what this would entail, but this dream continued to grow in my heart.  As time passed, it became more and more clear to me what the focus would be and how it would be structured.

It’s amazing how God orchestrates the events our of our lives.  At the same time God was stirring my heart about this women’s wellness conference, He was also stirring my heart about my blog.  As God was clarifying the focus of my blog – encouraging women to live an abundant life through wellness in spirit, soul, and body – He was also clarifying my dream about the conference. The theme of my blog, and the theme of this conference have beautifully intersected.  Both focus on wellness in spirit, soul, and body.  This is my heart’s passion, and it has come from my life’s journey the past 11 years.



I am pleased to share that the THRIVE Women’s Wellness Conference will be held on Saturday, September 10th at Celebration Church in Roanoke, Va.

Our mission is to encourage, equip, and empower women to THRIVE through wellness in spirit, soul, and body.

God has specifically chosen every speaker, and they are all passionate about God and passionate about encouraging women to THRIVE in their lives.  I know all of these women personally, and they are going to do a fantastic job!

We will have 3 Keynote Speakers, and each will share about a topic most relevant to them.  These sessions will be focused on promoting wellness of spirit, soul, and body.

We will also have 2 Workshop Sessions and participants will be able to choose a topic that is of most interest to them.  Our workshops include:

Session 1 Workshops (11:00 – 11:45)

FOCUS                                     TOPIC                                                SPEAKER

Body               Promoting Wellness Through Essential Oils       Julie Wilson

Body               Kick the Sugar Habit                                                Tara Ivins

Soul                 The Healing Power of Forgiveness                       Dr. Joan Bowers

Soul                 Cultivating Intimacy with God                              Diane Hoffman

Spirit               Knowing Your Authority in Christ                       Sheryl Merritt

Spirit               Awakening Your “I am”                                         Sunny Miller

Spanish          Quebrantando Maldiciones Generacionales      Marisol Betancourt

Session 2 Workshops (2:00 – 2:45)

 FOCUS                        TOPIC                                                             SPEAKER

Body               Achieving Your Healthy Weight                             Amber Kent

Body               Exploring Movement Outside the Gym                Tara Ivins

Soul                 Achieving the Balanced Christian Life                 Dr. Montenique Finney

Soul                 Healthy Thoughts for a Healthy Life                   Diane Hoffman

Spirit               The Power of Your Words                                      Sheryl Merritt

Spirit               Release Your Roar                                                   Vannie Harrell

Spanish          El poder del Perdon                                                 Yajaira Colon


Since we are focusing on health and wellness we will offer 3 healthy lunch options and snacks.  We are also going to have some great vendors that support our mission.

You won’t want to miss this day, and I encourage you to register early as space is limited.

You can register at Eventbrite.  Click on browse and then search for Thrive Women’s Wellness Conference.

Learn more about the conference and stay updated on our speakers, workshops, vendors, and other health-related information by visiting our Facebook page.


Thrive Registration




  1. That is so nice Susan.What a Beautiful Heart you have in serving the LORD.Wishing you a great attendance in Setp.

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