GOT JOY? Maybe…maybe not. Sometimes…sometimes not. I wish…I wish…I wish that I had more JOY in my life.

God wants to fill our lives with extravagant JOY.

Extravagant…wild, absurd, wasteful.

Is it really possible to have extravagant JOY? The JOY that God wants to give us is more than we can comprehend. Often we go through life experiencing less JOY that what God desires for us. We become weighed down by life’s circumstances and allow those things to rob us of the life-giving JOY that God intends for us.

Let’s be REAL!

Life can be and is tough at times. People are imperfect, and they hurt and disappoint us. Relationships are often strained. Job stressors want to take us down. Sickness and disease rob our bodies of life and threaten our JOY. Financial strain can overwhelm us with worry and drain us of our JOY.

We are challenged – spirit, soul, and body – by the battles of life.

Is it really possibly to have JOY in the midst of all these adverse circumstances?

We chase after many pleasures hoping that they will bring JOY to our lives. We spend and buy and buy and spend looking for some relief of our woes. We envelop ourselves in “busyness” hoping to diminish the pain and worries of life. All of our efforts do not and cannot infuse deep-down, everlasting extravagant JOY into our lives.

Psalm 16:11 says, “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of JOY, at your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.” (Amplified)

The secret to an extravagant, JOY-filled life is really very simple.




How do we do this?

  • Read the Bible Daily

We find God and encounter Him when we read His Word. The Bible is life and brings LIFE to our spirits, souls, and bodies. There is not one problem that we will experience in life that God does not have an answer for in His Word.   Reading the Bible every day infuses our life with JOY.  Keep readying…keep searching until you find the answer that brings you JOY.

  • Pray Daily

Prayer knocks on God’s heart and opens the door to intimacy with Him. We talk to God, and He talks back to us. He gives us answers to our questions and solves our problems as we communicate regularly with Him. Daily prayer infuses our lives with JOY.  We can talk to God in our own words and sometimes it’s helpful to use a prayer guide that addresses our specific needs.  However you choose to pray, PRAY!

  • Worship God Daily

Worship ushers us into the presence of God, and in His presence there is abundant JOY.

Referencing Psalm 16:11 – Acts 2:28 says, “You have made known to me the ways of life; You will enrapture me (diffusing my soul with JOY) with and in your presence.” (Amplified)

We worship God with the praises overflowing from our mouths. I love to worship God through music and not just on Sundays.   When I am feeling heavy in my spirit, I turn on my worship music and sing to Him….I worship and praise Him. If I will keep pressing in to God’s presence, my sadness, burdens or worries will leave me. It may take one song or several, but without fail, God infuses me with His JOY when I worship Him.

  • Practice Obedience Daily

Obedience is not a word that we particularly like unless it applies to our children or dogs. It can rub our independent spirits raw, but it is necessary if we are to remain in God’s presence. God gave us the Bible as our guide to live an obedient life that produces JOY. If you are lacking JOY, take a hard look at your life. Are there any areas that are in direct disobedience to God’s Word? If so, ask God for forgiveness and to help you live an obedient life.

  • Purge Yourself of Sin Daily

Sin separates us from God and robs us of our JOY. Gossip, jealousy, envy, slander and down-right ugliness toward others is sin. It hurts others and it breaks the heart of God. Ask God every day to show you if there is any sin in your life. Do you need to make things right with someone? Is there someone that you are harboring unforgiveness towards? My friend, Joan, wrote a life-changing article about the Healing Power of Forgiveness, and I urge you to read this if you have not already.

God diffuses our souls with His JOY when we remain in His presence.

I really enjoy using essential oils and diffuse them in my home every day. If you have ever walked into a room with an essential oil diffuser, the sweet aroma surrounds you and captures your attention. It can be uplifting and create a sense of pleasantness and well-being.

Our souls soar when we are diffused with God’s JOY…when we remain in His presence. We sense the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. We feel God’s extravagant and crazy love for us. We excel in our God-given gifts. We experience His anointing on our ministry to others. And…we can weather life’s storms when we are infused with the JOY that only comes from a deep and abiding relationship with God our Father.

God is a loving Father who wants to fill our lives with extravagant JOY. He wants us to dance and laugh and sing because we are happy – deep, down soul happy. I’m not talking about a superficial “happy” that quickly passes when challenges come our way, but rather a soul-deep JOY that remains constant from day-to-day no matter what comes our way.

Sound impossible?

In our eyes, – yes, but with God’s help, all things are possible. (Luke 18:27)


The secret to our JOY – REMAIN IN HIS PRESENCE!


Will you join me in this journey of JOY?

Psalm 16-11



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