I have always enjoyed looking at cookbooks, but cooking…not so much.  I’ve radically changed my diet in the past 10 years, and one change that I’ve made is to try and eliminate gluten and dairy.  I have sensitivities to both, but I’m believing that one day those food items will not be a problem for me.  Even when they are not, I probably won’t reintroduce gluten back into my diet.  The amount of gluten now found in many foods is dramatically more than 100 years ago, and our bodies are not equipped to handle it.

So I’m on a journey to find healthy gluten and dairy-free recipes, AND to enjoy my time in the kitchen.  God gave us on this earth everything that we need to eat a healthy diet that will nourish our bodies and promote wellness.

The Make Ahead Paleo Cookbook by Tammy Credicott is probably the current favorite in my kitchen.

Make Ahead Paleo Cookbook

I recently purchased it at the recommendation of my Functional Medicine Doctor, and it’s a winner!  I’ve only made a few recipes, but I’ve got lots of “tabs” on the pages of recipes that I want to try.  In the near future, I am looking forward to making the Baked Turkey Meatballs with Sweet-n-Sour Dipping Sauce.

GF Turkey Meatballs

One aspect of the cookbook that I like so much is the beautiful pictures included for every recipes.  This is a great feature for those of us who are visual learners.

In Make Ahead Paleo, you’ll find:

  • 100 gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes
  • Recipes and tips for whipping up freezable meals
  • Inventory sheets to help you keep track of your frozen creations
  • Delicious timesaving recipes for your slow cooker
  • A busy work-week menu with full grocery list
  • Recipes to take on the road
  • One-pan meals you can make in your hotel room
  • Sweet indulgences that freeze and travel well

Besides some delicious recipes, Tammy explains what the paleo eating lifestyle is about and also provides a checklist for stocking your paleo kitchen.  This is not only a cookbook which is beautiful and appealing to the eye, but also one that is very practical.

I hope to share some recipes that I make from this cookbook in the future.

Learn more about the gluten-free lifestyle by visiting Tammy’s website.  Click here for GF recipes, helpful handouts, and Tammy’s books.  You can also purchase Make Ahead Paleo at Amazon by clicking here.

Looking for gluten-free recipes?

Visit a few of my Pinterest boards.  Click here to visit Recipes – Paleo, and click here to visit Recipes – Gluten & Sugar Free.  I have lots of other healthy recipes boards and a few just for fun.



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