What are you afraid of? Is there something that nags at you deep down inside? Does it keep you from experiencing the abundant life that God has planned for you?

For me…I’ve always had a fear of heights. I don’t know why, but high places have been an issue for me. Whether I’m on top of a high mountain or inside a glassed-in area on the top floor of a building, I don’t like looking down. I want to hold on to some thing or someone. I am always ready to quickly exit once I’ve taken a peak at the view.

I decided a few years ago that I was going to start facing my fear of heights. You see…there’s just too much in life to enjoy to be limited by my fear of heights. So I’m going all out (almost) to overcome this silly fear of mine.

Some of my vacations have given me the opportunity to face my fear of heights. My husband, Sam and I, try to experience a new adventure each time we go on a vacation. We try to do something that we have never done before.

On our honeymoon, we planned to go parasailing. It looked like so much fun from the beach.

In this Sept. 24, 2012 photo, two people parasail over the Miami Beach,Fla. area. Soaring high above the ocean off South Beach, tethered only by a rope to a boat hundreds of feet below, riding in a parasail is at once exhilarating and oddly peaceful, even quiet. For millions of people, that's the takeaway from a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But every year there are accidents, some of them fatal. The Parasail Safety Council, which tracks injuries and deaths from the activity nationwide, reports more than 70 people have been killed and at least 1,600 injured between 1982 and 2012, out of an estimated 150 million parasail rides during those 30 years. Despite the inherent risk, few federal or state safety regulations exist for parasailing. In Florida, which has by far the largest number of parasail operators at about 120, repeated efforts to enact new rules following fatal accidents have landed with a thud. Florida is seen by safety proponents as a national bellwether because of parasailing's popularity in the state. (AP Photo/Tony Winton)

I remember telling Sam as we rose to the top, “I forgot to tell you that I am afraid of heights.” My nervous meter didn’t rise too high because I knew that we should survive if we took a plunge into the ocean. We did survive, and it was great fun. I’m glad that I faced my fear.

Helicopter Ride - Susan

Last year while vacationing in Mexico, we decided to go zip-lining. I was feeling adventurous so I plowed forward and didn’t allow myself to be overcome with my fear of heights. As I entered the “take off” platform, I looked out at the expansive view of the jungle. I looked at the long zip-line wondering how reliable it was. I looked ahead at the landing platform and thought that I would surely be squashed like a bug if the “catch” at the end of the zip-line didn’t work. “Oh well…here I go!” I’m glad that I faced my fear.


 A few months ago, a friend told us about someone locally who takes people on an hour-long plane ride above my beautiful city. I thought to myself, “I think I might want to do that,” but then I thought no more about it.

I had forgotten about this potential adventure, but Sam had not. As our 13th wedding anniversary approached, Sam said he was going to plan a surprise for me. I really had no idea what it would be, but was just “going with the flow.” We planned this adventure the day before our anniversary, but Sam told me it was too windy. “Hmm…I wonder if he’s planning a plane ride.”

The day of our anniversary arrived, and Sam received a text from our pilot friend giving him an update on the weather that day.

“It shouldn’t be violently bumpy, but it won’t be perfectly smooth.”

I thought…”What exactly does that mean?! How bumpy will it be? Will I be tossed around in the plane at all? Could the day of my 13th anniversary possibly be the last day of my life?!”

I shared some reservations with Sam, and he thought that maybe we shouldn’t go. I told him that I was “processing” and needed some time to think through this.  I tried to calculate the risk in my mind, but then just decided that I was not going to allow my fear of heights and flying in a small plane to keep me from this life adventure.  So off we went!

Plane - Sam & Susan

Our pilot whose name happened to be Sam was friendly and informative. He explained about the workings of the plane as we prepared for take-off. My “Sam” was gracious enough to allow me to ride in the front of the tiny plane.

Susan - Pilot

Upon take-off, I said my typical “Jesus, Jesus keep us safe” prayer. We took off with no issues and began the journey high above. It was beautiful and fun identifying various landmarks below.

Our pilot was great about letting us know when there would be some turbulence ahead, but we made it through safely with just a few squeals from me. As we traveled further, our pilot, Sam, told me how to steer the plane and let me take the steering wheel. I actually got a little distracted when looking below and didn’t even notice all the bumps we were navigating through. Although I was a little nervous at times during our flight, I knew that our pilot, Sam, was right there to step in, if needed.  A few more “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” prayers along with some deep breathing was also really helpful.

Our pilot gave me instructions about how to steer and land the plane, but I knew that he was really the one doing the landing. While landing I also said my typical “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus don’t let us crash prayer.”  With Sam as the pilot and God as the Master Pilot, we landed safe and sound.

We had a wonderful time, and I would have missed all of that if I had not faced my fear. I would have also missed some valuable lessons had I not taken the wonderful ride .

5 Lessons I Learned From my Plane Ride

1) Turbulence in the air can’t be seen, and that can be true in life too. However, just like my pilot, Sam, Jesus is with us through the turbulent times of life.

2) We may think we are steering this plane called “life,” but God is really the pilot. We should do the best that we can, and let God do the rest.

3) Sometimes you just have to do it afraid. When we face our fears with God by our side, we get caught up in the beauty of life’s experiences and forget we are afraid.

4) Everything looks better from the air – even cemeteries. From God’s perspective, EVERYTHING is going to be “okay.” When God is in control of our lives, the ugly becomes beautiful…the dead becomes alive.

5) We don’t have to be afraid of this thing called LIFE. Sometimes it’s scary, but God can make it a GRAND adventure if we will allow Him to.

I doubt that you will ever hear that I have jumped out of a plane, but I am looking ahead to what new adventures are before me. I am looking forward to living the abundant life that God has planned for me.

What fear is holding you back from experiencing all that God has planned for you?




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  1. You are an Overcomer … in Christ Jesus! This blog was fun to read & it made me smile! Blessings always, Joanne E

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